On design in the context of history


Contrast and balance of past and present
Compressive stone, tensile steel
Steady past containing (in part)
The springing moment of now
History and its secrets hold
A new language, to be deciphered
Over time.

Light invades the depths, askew
Gently washing bones of ancient earth
Worked and placed by long-dead hands
More brashly it meets the youthful now
Sometimes stubborn, unperceptive, impenetrable
Rejecting, reflecting what is offered
But gradually, as it deepens and matures,
Accepts in part, and sometimes completely
In composed layers of transparency and diffusion,
Like layers of history over time.

Past and present in dialogue
Face to face, acknowledging
But ever separate.
congress1                                     706-30

This untitled poem was part of a project in the historic preservation district in downtown Austin, Texas. I like to think poetry and art are relevant parts of the design process.

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On design in the context of history
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