beautiful days in the neighborhood

We've been having some fine sunny fall days, and glad for it - but there's more than that to be happy for. If you only read the occasional news or SPD blotter report - short and limited to specific and negative content, in most cases - Belltown gets a bad reputation. For most of us living here, that's not the Belltown we know.

Most of the bad stuff happens two nights a week, between 10 pm and 4 am. If you care to count, that's twelve hours out of 280 hours in the week. Even if you counted the other weeknights, there are still 240 hours of the week for good things to happen. Normal, everyday good things that are not newsworthy, but can be appreciated by those experiencing them. Belltown might be an "Entertainment District", a regional destination, 15% of the week, but its a neighborhood 100%, all the time.

You can cross Second Ave on a sunny morning, pause, and count 24 people walking between Bell and Blanchard, for instance. Eight are sitting outside in front of businesses, even though its a bit cool out and not yet lunchtime.


In the afternoon the dog park is full of dogs, but outnumbered by people - too many to stop and count, but looks like forty or fifty, maybe. Both dogs and people climb the Regrade sculpture, vying for King of the Mountain. There's a light rain and two young girls are sitting under a dog training ramp, using it as a tent. There are children in Belltown, a small percentage of our nearly 12,000 residents, but they are here. They aren't out between 10 pm to 4 am. For them this is only a good neighborhood, with lots to see and do and places to go.

There's a "LEASED" sign at the new commercial space under Bhakita Gardens at Second and Bell. Work is flying along in the old Flying Fish space, putting in tenant stalls for the new Local 360 Market. We lose a regional restaurant, but gain a local service business. Something good for the neighborhood. That's a change worth thinking about. Good news.


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