Back in the City


My mother drove me from one corner of the country to the other in four days. I was still pretty incapacitated, but anxious to be back for the Seattle Founders Day Festival in Belltown. I was playing Mother Damnable. I had spent weeks of illness-enforced time indoors sewing a period correct costume, undergarments (petticoat, drawers, chemise, corset) included. I sewed finishing touches by hand in the car, on the way.

We stopped along the way - in Paducah, Kentucky, then to see Mount Rushmore - so she drove 22 hours the last day to get me to Seattle in time for the festival. That weekend the temperature was in the nineties, the hottest of an otherwise cool summer. My internal thermostat was artificially regulated by my medication, so the full costume was bearable, aided by the shade from a parasol - an extremely practical item.

I had moved to a different apartment, still in Belltown, just days before flying to Florida. I had been considering it for months. When my old lease was about to expire, I took the final step towards going car-free and sold my Prius, which I had only driven about four times in the previous year. Free of the need for car storage, I rented a smaller studio in a vintage building in the heart of Belltown, just two blocks from Bedlam, my favorite coffee shop and neighborhood living room.

Everything is more convenient here. The Walk Score at my previous address was 97. Now I get a perfect 100 for both Walk Score and Transit Score, and the difference is very evident. The old address was by the Sculpture Park, which was lovely but I didn't really visit that often. My primary destinations were in or towards downtown. A bit far to walk comfortably with shopping or for multiple trips, and inefficient from a transit standpoint (just outside the free zone but too close to make sense of paying full fare or waiting for the bus).

The move was another downsize (to 400 sf, down from 700 sf, which was down from the 900 sf house I sold). I selected the space in preparation for (perhaps) inhabiting a London bedsit for a year or more. I miss a few pieces of midcentury modern furniture I had to give up, but the space works out quite well. The location is the selling point, as most of my favorite destinations are nearby. I go to the Market almost every day. It's so good to be back. 

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