for the dedicated urban stroller


I like to walk in cities.

I like to walk a sun-warmed pavement on a cool day and feel a sudden chill on the instant of moving into shadow, that sharp thermal incline at the boundary between light and dark marked on the pavement as well as on my senses. I like to pass a corner and have the prospect of a new path to some interesting destination. I like the sheltering sense of buildings that form a streetwall near my path, so long as they show human presence and are not too blank and dull. I like a variety of interesting things to see where I walk: shop windows, flowers, trees, people dining, drinking, talking; or the questionable urban attractions of thoughtful graffiti, provocative signs, and the eccentric behavior of certain urban denizens.

I like to walk in cities. Citywalker, flâneur and flâneuse, stroller, observer; designer, planner, geographer, researcher; dedicated urbanists everywhere; here's to you and the cities you love to walk.
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